Quarter Days Walking Book Group, New Forest

An invitation to join the Quarter Days Walking Book Group.

Many of us here locally feel the global ferment and anxiety with regard to green and environmental issues. As newbies to the area, we wanted to meet like-minded people, care for the planet and do participatory stuff!

As a result, we plan to offer 4 seasonal walks, based around the old farming Quarter Days, giving time to Read, Ramble, Reflect and Relax.


The first event will take place on Michaelmas Day, Sunday 29 September 2019

3.00pm – 5.00pm (Sunset 18.43)


Setley Ponds Car park New Forest SO41 8PS


We can walk slowly, serenely, bound together by an appreciation of the countryside and a love of reading and participation so that we may return to our lives with a little less tension and with a little more delight.

The Book

The book chosen to launch the Walking Book group is The Overstory by Richard Powers (2019). The idea is to pre-read and discuss one section of this large book in each quarter of the year – aka ‘Slow Reading!’ The novel is already conveniently arranged in 4 parts: Roots, Trunk, Crown and Seeds.

It is available on Kindle as well as hard copy. Start reading now!


Everyone is welcome to join in this response to the countryside and witness the turning seasons that help to inspire us.