America 18/70

24 Hours in Portage!

Just setting off for the twin cities, Minneapolis–Saint Paul, our target destination after 34 days on the road.

We began to suspect that all was not well further down the tracks. The upside was that we made great friends with our fellow travellers in the hot and steamy waiting room as we shared texts and info about the delay.

Six hours later we boarded our train! The delay was due to torrential rain washing away the tracks in both directions.

I have included this photo of a train because this is where we spent the next 24  hours – in a siding in Portage! The track damage was extensive and rail maintenance had been out sourced to Canadian contractors, hence the wait! All was not lost, however, as these photos reveal of our romantic on board dinner that night, courtesy of Amtrak.

Actually, I could not face steak at 3 am but Paul loved it and we were both so impressed that it happened at all!

I have spared you the other realities of the 24 hour delay but instead refer you to Henry Moore’s depiction of London Underground Tube shelters during the WW2 blitz.

Shelterers in the Tube 1941 Henry Moore OM, CH 1898-1986 Presented by the War Artists Advisory Committee 1946