America 18/70

Rochester and the 3 R’s

Race, Rights and Revivalism! These were just some of the historic social movements that used Rochester as a base from which to question the status quo. Our Swedish pioneer trail became submerged by the rich offer.  Frederick Douglass lived and published here.

Frederick Douglass in Rochester
Underground Rail Road sites, Child’s Basin, Rochester
An easily missed vignette of race history

The building today –

Reynolds Arcade, Rochester

Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony were contemporaries in Rochester and abolitionist meetings were held in her now beautifully preserved house.

Home of Susan B. Anthony

Her life and activism is brilliantly portrayed in this property. I sensed she understood Suffragist campaign PR and marketing as this tiny artefact shows:

Her work deserves a blog all of its own so I will leave you with this link and a bit of fun below!

ps, Rochester is also the home of the Kodak empire