America 18/70

Rochester-Info boards Come to Life!

Rochester is a great city-full of interest and surprises. Incorporated  in 1834, it was the Erie Canal, the abundant water power and railway linkages that made it one of the early boom towns of the “West.”

There are 3 waterfalls on the Genesee river which powered the grist mill in 1789 that started the settlement.


The industrialists developed the town big time. 

Their legacy exists in the renovated lofts, creative work spaces and trendy eateries that were everywhere. We loved staying in a city that had a Niagara-like water fall bang in the middle of town!

The view from our favourite brew-house

George Eastman, Kodak founder, ploughed money into the town and this is just one of the benefits.Rochester

We loved the elegant tree lined streets, much favoured by the industrialists who made their fortunes in flour milling, clothing, shoes, photographic and optical instruments.

George Eastman’s House

The museums, libraries and archives are to die for. And so are the wonderful staff! We met Gabriel Pellegrino, Librarian, who was a mine of information.

Au Revoir, Rochester!